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The correct way to wash your hair

November 24, 2021

Everyone gets confused about how often they should wash their hair, that’s why there are so many conflicting opinions on the subject! Most people grow up being told "wash it every day" - but this often leads to build-up on the hair. More recently, people have been advised to only wash about 2 times per week. But what is the sweet spot?

Here is our expert take on how you can keep your hair fresh and health when it comes to washing it.

1.Rinse First

Like adding your laundry detergent before the rinse cycle, you should wet your hair before adding shampoo. If you want to clean your hair correctly, start by opening the cuticles with hot water. It will make it easier to remove any debris or product build-up inside the strands. When you rinse your hair in warm water, it washes away any oils on the scalp so you can remove them with conditioner.

2.Start with conditioner if you have long hair

If you have long hair, use conditioner before shampooing to maintain its health. Conditioners tend to moisturize your scalp and will help conditioner penetrate into the tougher layers of your hair by moisturizing the protective layer around it. Adding a cuticle cream will not only keep your nails healthy but they will fill in any holes from the cuticle, making it smoother and boosting shine.

3.Keep it to your scalp

You don't need to use shampoo much in the hair. Particularly when it's at the nape. The best way to lather up is from roots to ends. The hair closest to the scalp is always going to be oilier and more likely to need a wash, while the end of the hair usually takes a lot longer and tends not be as oily.

Use a small amount. a quarter-sized when it comes to shampoo. You can use double that it's long or thick. If you use too much shampoo, your locks will get weighed down.

4.Don’t be too rough

Friction can easily damage your hair cuticle if treated too roughly. Make sure you wash it as carefully as you would with delicate clothes, avoiding any harsh rubbing.

Start by working your shampoo up from the roots and give a bit of time for your scalp to start sending more blood there. This will help your hair stay healthy and grow. Avoid making circular motions with your fingers as this can tangle hair

Take your time in smoothing the shampoo along the ends in a straight stroke. Try not to scrub too hard on the delicate tips or use an inconsistent back in forth motion.

5.One rinse is enough

It's understandable that you may be used to washing your hair two times, but that’s not necessary despite what your shampoo bottle says.

Avoid stripping the hair by doing one shampoo only, which is usually sufficient. Unless the hair is extremely dirty and the first shampoo didn’t produce a lather. In that case, go ahead and lather up one more time.

6.Condition the middle parts to the tips

Squeeze water from the hair to remove excess shampoo before applying conditioner. Clip up your hair, and finish up with your shower. Leave the conditioner rinse out for the final step of your shower.

The length of time you leave conditioner in your hair is important. Putting it on the roots doesn't help it work better. It is more effective when you put it on the tips of your hair and let it sit for a while.

7.Cold water rinse to finish off

Cold water is the best way to get shinier locks. It will seal the cuticle and make it stronger. It also helps prevent frizz by sealing the hair cuticile.

A healthy hair washing routine will really make a difference in the straight, shine, and overall look of your hair. Come visit us at Edmonton Barber Shop when you’re ready for your next haircut.

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