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How To Grow A Beard

February 21, 2022

With a beard comes great responsibility. Distinct in shape, evenly distributed, yet sharp, defined lines. It can be your best friend in the cold. Providing a bold confident look, while soft to the touch for that leading companion in your life. Each beard tells a different story. Proper care and maintenance is essential for your beard journey.

1: Be Patient

One of the obstacles holding you back from a full defined beard is time & patience. Everyone's hair grows at different speeds and directions. Everything happens at its own pace, but you can assist in the process. This is possible through exercise and a good diet.

When you first start your beard journey, try to let it grow for the first 4-6 weeks before trimming or styling. Be sure to get it lined up when you head to the barber. Having defined lines during the growth period will limit your frustration as you wait for the hair to come in and it might make your partner a little less disgruntled with the process. The following steps will guide you in maintaining a great healthy full beard.

2: Match your beard to your face shape

Each person is unique from the last and this is true with your beard as well. A great beard follows your natural hairline and has a shape that compliments your face. Trust your barber to advise and determine the appropriate style to grow. This might be your first beard (and yes we know it’s YOURS) but barbers handle these gems on the daily.

3: Know when to trim

The difference between a wild beard and a stylish one is the trim. The neck and cheek lines are what define the intentional sharp shape of your beard. While trimming your beard is similar to dealing with split ends. It will help provide a healthy foundation for your hair to grow. We recommend booking a beard trim once every 3-4 weeks (based on your length and growing speed).

4: Wash it

Many guys either don't wash their beards or use the wrong products. This can lead to dirty brittle beards that need cleaning and moisture. Prevent this from happening, by creating a habit to shampoo and condition your beard. Using a moisturizing shampoo to prevent brittle hair. While using a thick conditioner to keep your beard soft instead of wiry. Keep in mind you are moisturizing the skin underneath as well.

5: Apply beard oil

There are many benefits to using good beard oil and why it should be a core part of your kit. Beard oil first moisturizes your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Then it provides protection against beard dandruff, itchiness, and helps treat patchy spots. Beard oil can not only improve your beard's appearance and smell, but also your confidence.

As your beard begins to get longer, you may want to transition onto a beard balm. Beard balm is thicker than oil, therefore it will absorb well into your hair and skin

6: Comb your beard

To keep your beard from getting tangled and wild. You'll need to brush it every day with a beard brush. A daily routine will train your beard to grow in a downwards direction. The comb will also assist applying your oil evenly by gliding through your beard.

7: Keep it healthy

Your body requires food & nutrients to grow healthy. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising will help your hair and skin. Do not forget to ensure you take daily vitamins if you aren’t able to ensure vitamin absorption through a balanced and varied diet.

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